AUTOCOM Logic Expandable Solo Audio System Intercom Kit L1

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The logic can be used as a portable battery operated system or bike powered. Despite its small, compact size and competitive price the Logic punches well above its weight on sound quality and performance, making it the best selling autocom system. 

The Logic connects effortlessly to four devices and a passenger, bringing any bike ride to life. Devices can include a cell phone, music source, GPS, passenger and Bike-to-Bike. As all devices are permanently connected you never experience the frustration and inconvenience of dropped connections or time delays switching between devices or a passenger.

Logic Features

  • Dimensions (including dials): 11.5 x 6.5 x 2.5 cm
  • Compact and affordable making it Autocom's best selling system
  • 99% of background noise rejected by advanced DSP electronics giving crystal clear sound
  • Slim, high output speakers that are also very comfortable on your ears
  • Rider and passenger are able to talk naturally thanks to full duplex technology
  • Rider and passenger have their own volume control for maximum enjoyment
  • Connects to a phone, music source, GPS, bike to bike and passenger* 
  • Devices are permanently connected so no risk of connections being dropped
  • Instant switching between devices as often as needed without any time delays
  • High quality, water resistant cables and connectors allowing everyday use

Logic Kit-1

The Autocom Logic L1 Solo Kit. This system is designed for the solo rider who needs the flexibility of a completely portable system. Powered by 3 x AA batteries makes it ideal if you have multiple bikes or limited space under the seat as the unit sits neatly in your pocket or tank bag. The system is expandable to include a passenger or be bike powered and will connect to a phone, music source, GPS and Bike-to-Bike*. 


  • Logic control hub unit 
  • Rider’s stereo headset
  • Stereo music lead 
  • High quality, water resistant cables and connectors allowing everyday use