HeliMount© GPS mount for LST handlebars (F6B / GL1800 Goldwing)

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HeliMount© LST - GPS mount for Horizon LST handlebars when installed on a Honda F6B / GL1800 Goldwing

Exclusively for HeliBars Horizon LST multi-adjustable handlebars. Mounts conveniently at the top pivot (either left or right) to put your Garmin Zumo in the perfect location! 

HeliMount is designed to integrate with the LST system and easily installs with one M6 socket head cap screw and washer.

HeliMount can be installed on the left or right side. HeliMount is configured for Garmin’s 550 and 660/665 units but can be easily modified for other devices.

Supplied in black anti-UV powerdcoat finish.