BRUHL MD1400 Single Speed Power Dryer

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Bruhl MD1400 Motorcycle Power Dryer

This model is the smallest dryer in the Bruhl range, although it still packs a punch! It effectively blows water out of those hard to reach places after washing. This is the perfect tool to keep your bike looking at its best after washing.

The hose is long and flexible so it enables ease of use.

No more water marks! A must for those who truly want a dry bike and who want to avoid corrosion.

When using this dryer you can expect:

• No water streaks
• Helps to prevent corrosion from standing water


POWER: 1400W

Using your Bruhl Power Dryer after every wash will help to eliminate water spotting and streaking or corrosion associated with natural drying. For the best results always wash the motorcycle thoroughly before using the Dryer. Bruhl recommend a high quality anti corrosion wash such as SDoc100 Total Cleaner.  Take care whilst using the power dryer around delicate areas such as paintwork, transfers and wiring looms, keeping the nozzle moving at all times taking care to expel water from hard to access areas. Do not allow the nozzle to remain in one place for prolonged periods or too close to the surface. Failure to observe this precaution may cause permanent damage to the motorcycle.

Also highly effective on, push bikes, cars, vans and even dogs!

Free delivery within the UK.