OPTIMATE Tank Bag/Hard Case Power Entry Lead

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Tank Bag/Hard Case Power Entry Lead

Electrify your tankbag (delivered with’crosshair’ power entry) or create a weatherproof power point on your hard luggage.

The elbow connector’s round DC socket fits through a Ø 9/16? / 14mm ‘cross-hair’ hole, thru connection is secured and sealed with custom rubber seal, M14 S/S nut & washer. Power is provided through the external OptiMate heavy duty 2 pin SAE connector, compatible with all other.

• Length=10"/25cm
• Industry standard SAE 2-pin connector
• DC2.5×5.5mm inner socket
• Cable max. rating: 5 Amp
• -40°C/-40°F very low temperature use; cable remains flexible in ‘below freezing’ temperatures.