SW-Motech Legend Gear Saddle Strap Bench Seat Holder LS1/LS2

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Legend Gear Saddle Strap SLS

Saddle strap SLS provides safe mount of saddle bags LS1 and LS2 to standard seats with passenger seats. Smart optic of the saddle bags gives an individual note to classic and street bikes.


  • Circumferential mounting strap provides safe fit
  • Versatile design for standard seats with passenger seat, also for custom bikes
  • Fastening loops and straps with aluminium retaining hooks ensure safe mount of the saddle bags in different heights, so they can be used on bikes with high exhausts
  • Military grade fastening system for accessory bags LA1/LA2 and smartphone bag LA3 (optional accessory)
  • Material: Napalon synthetic leather, straps made of polyamide
  • Dimensions: 39 x 21 cm (w/h/d)


  • 1 Legend Gear saddle strap SLS
  • 2 dual-ladder lock buckles

Mounting Instructions (PDF)