DENALI D4, D2, CANsmart, SounBomb & B6 Tail Light Bundle For R1200GS LC & R1250GS

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DENALI Light Kit, SounBomb & CANsmart Controller Bundle For R1200GS LC & R1250GS 18-

What is the Bundle? (click on each product for more info)

DENALI D4 2.0 Trioptic LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology x2

DENALI D2 2.0 Trioptic LED Light Pod with DataDim Technology x2

DENALI 2.0 Plug-n-Play CANsmart Controller for BMW R1200 LC Series

DENALI Light Mount For BMW R1200 GS LC 2014 Onwards

DENALI SounBomb Compact & Horn

DENALI SoundBomb Mount For GS & GSA

DENALI Fender Mount Kit (For D2 Lights)

DENALI B6 Auxiliary LED Brake Light For Number Plate Mounting

DENALI Light Kit & CANsmart Controller Bunlde For R1200GS LC

(x2) DENALI D4 2.0 LED POD
(x2) M8 Mounting Hardware Kit
(x2) Clear D4 True-Hybrid Lens
(x2) Wiring Pigtail

(x1) DENALI D2 2.0 LED POD
(x1) M8 Mounting Hardware Kit
(x1) Clear D2 Flood Lens
(x1) Wiring Pigtail

(x2) Fender Mount Bolts

(x1) CANsmart Controller
(x2) 4ft light extension cables
(x1) 5ft SoundBomb horn extension cable
(x1) Brake light pigtail
(x1)Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
(x1) Micro USB programing cable

(x1) SoundBomb Compact

(x1) Horn Mount For GSA

(x1) DENALI B6 LED brake light
(x1) M6 Mounting hardware
(x1) Drill Bit
(x2) Posi-Tap Connectors

Harness the flexibility and intelligence of your BMW motorcycle's CANbus electrical system to make installation of accessories drastically easier with the DENALI CANsmart™ Controller. The CANsmart provides for plug-and-play installation of up to four electrical accessories, all controlled through your BMW's existing handlebar switches including the rotary "WunderWheel" multi controller. No more "tacked on" switches or confounding wire routing. In addition, because the CANsmart controls the power distribution functions, there's no need to wire in bulky relays to control your accessories.

The DENALI D4 Pods were engineered from the ground up to create the brightest, most efficient, and most durable LED lights. Specifically designed for power sports applications, Deanli focused on generating the most amount of light with the least amount of power draw from your vehicle.

DENALI light mount for BMW R1200GS LC Adventure provides a secure foundation for the addition of auxiliary lighting. Laser cut steel construction is powder coated in an attractive matte black finish for improved durability and corrosion resistance.

Denali SoundBomb 120dB Horn Producing an ear-splitting 120 decibels of sound, the SoundBomb is four times louder than a standard motorcycle horn! The Denali™ SoundBomb was designed for those who want to be heard, but still want to maintain a stylish look.

The Denali B6 LED brake light was purpose built to create the most amount of light from the most compact, low-profile housing possible.