Cymarc Anti-Theft TFT Brace F900XR

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F900XR Anti Theft Brace (with optional sun visor)

Currently available in satin black powder coated stainless steel.

Regretfully the BMW TFT Screen is only held in place by three circlips, believe it or not! These can be easily removed by hand and the unit stolen, with a replacement cost of around £1,200. There has also been accounts where the unit has been simply be ripped out, regardless of the fasteners!

In the last few weeks we`ve heard of more and more tales of woe where lads have had their screens stolen so we set about coming up with a solution.

The product consists of the `standard` brace that is similar in design to the one we made for the R1250GS however this one relies on two further fixing brackets that hold to brace onto 4 strong existing (no drilling required) M6 location points hidden under the windscreen. These brackets are beautifully designed so that they cannot be seen when fitted in place and feature 4 captive stainless steel fasteners for attachment to the brace itself. We supply both standard and security Torx fasteners for you to choose from for fitting.

Having taken advice from our customer base and loyal supporters, not only was an anti theft brace required but many suggested that we included a sun visor - which we`ve done as an option.

What we`ve come up with is a product that, as usual, is over-engineered. Both Mick and I explored prototype options on materials and thickness`s and decided on no compromise, it had to be made from 2mm thick(powder coated) stainless steel. It carries a weight, including the visor, of nearly 250g (without the two fixing brackets) however it is reassuringly substantial and robust compared to other material options yet remains cost effective compared to titanium.

The anti theft brace works by physically stopping the TFT Screen from being removed outwards from the dash. Even if the three circlips are removed the screen cannot be removed due to the brace.

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