DENALI GEN II CANsmart & D7 Light Kit Bundle BMW R1250GS

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  • DENALI GEN II CANsmart & D7 Light Kit Bundle BMW R1250GS (DENALI-LKB-GSLC-D7-GS)
  • DENALI GEN II CANsmart & D7 Light Kit Bundle BMW R1250GS
  • DENALI GEN II CANsmart & D7 Light Kit Bundle BMW R1250GS
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DENALI GEN II CANsmart & D7 Light Kit Bundle BMW R1250GS


2 x TriOptic LED D7 Pod

2 x M8 Mounting Hardware Kit
2 x  Clear True-Hybrid Lens
2 x Wiring Pigtail

1 x CANsmart Controller

2 x 4ft light extension cables

1 x 5ft SoundBomb horn extension cable
1 x Brake light pigtail
1 x Adhesive hook-and-loop fastener
1 x Micro USB programming cable


Can I fit this? (CANsmart Installation PDF Below)

It's relatively simple to fit a Denali bundle thanks to Denali's plug 'n' play Gen II CANsmart as I will briefly explain below. 

Connecting the CANsmart to the bike

First remove your rider & pillion seats, place the CANsmart in the pillion seat well & unplug the connector from the rear RCD. Plug the RDC connector into the male 4-pin connector on the CANsmart & plug the female 4-pin connector on the CANsmartTM Controller into the RDC unit.

Connecting to the battery

Remove the fuse from the fuse holder. Gain access to the vehicle’s battery and disconnect the negative (-) and positive (+) terminals.

Feed the CANsmart battery loom between the pillion & rider seat and down the right hand side of the bike to the battery. Be sure the orange wire lead with the fuse holder goes to the positive (+) terminal of the battery. Re-install the fuse into the fuse holder.

Connecting the Lights

Install the driving light mount under the beak of your GS & loosely fit your pods. There is a couple of ways you can feed your light harness to the front of the bike. From the CANsmart feed the wires through from the pillion to the rider seat, you then you have a couple of options, the easier option is to feed the wires either side of the tank, alternatively you can lift the tank and feed the wires underneath, this method is considerably more work as you to strip most of the from top the bike. Once the wires have been fead through connect to the pods, switch the ignition on and you lights should come on, adjust the pods for height and tighten. You may have to configure your CANsmart first. p.s. always double check cable clearance especially around the forks & front spring.  

Connecting the Horn

Mount the horn using the bike specific mount in between the forks. Feed the horn wire in the same way as the lights and connect the two spades to the bottom of the horn. You will need to configure the horn channel using the hex software. p.s. this also fits the lowered frame GS.












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