Cymarc Anti-Theft TFT Brace R1250RS

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R1250RS TFT Screen Anti Theft Brace (with optional sun visor)

Currently available in black powder coated stainless steel, shown in plain stainless steel for clarity.

Regretfully the TFT Screen is only held in place by three circlips, believe it or not! These can be easily removed by hand and the unit stolen, with a replacement cost of around £1,200. There has also been accounts where the unit has been simply be ripped out, regardless of the fasteners! 

The anti theft brace works by physically stopping the TFT Screen from being removed outwards from the dash. Even if the three circlips are removed the screen cannot be easily removed due to the brace.

The brace uses 2 strong existing mounting points on the dash and fits snugly over the back of the TFT Screen. There`s no drilling required and takes minutes to fit. Spacers are provided to allow the brace to fit along with longer Torx head fasteners.

It acts as a visual and physical deterrent. 

The brace also comes with an optional integrated sun visor which cuts down on the glare onto the TFT Screen.

We`ve had a big demand for this item so please have patience however be assured that, as usual, most of our stuff gets made and shipped very quickly indeed.

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