R&G Engine Case Slider (LHS) for Yamaha MT-09 '13- (FZ-09 '13-), SP '18- & MT-09 Tracer '15- (FJ-09 '15-), Tracer 900GT '18- & Niken '18-

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This R&G Engine Case Slider, specially designed to protect the right-hand side engine casing of the Yamaha MT-09 '13- (FZ-09 '13-), SP '18-, MT-09 Tracer '15- (FJ-09 '15-) ,  Tracer 900GT '18- & Niken '18- models in the event of a crash, drop or slide.

This product fits neatly and easily to the existing engine case and will provide additional protection in the event of a drop. Designed using the very latest in 3D scanning technologies to ensure an exact fit, the product is made from HDPE (Black), the same material as used in our industry-leading Crash Protectors. R&G Racing engine case sliders compliment the R&G Racing crash protectors and the additional range of products that we offer for this bikes.s bikes.