XENA XX Series Cable & Claw Adaptor for XX6, XX10 & XX14

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Xena Cable and Adapter for the XX6, XX10 and XX14

Designed to turn your XX6, XX10 or XX14 into a complete security solution, the Xena Disc Lock Cable Adapter kit comprises a high-tensile steel cable and a stainless adapter, which secures it to your disc lock.

Simply loop the cable round a static object, fix to your disc lock using the adapter and then fit your XX6, XX10 or XX14 around your front or rear disc as normal; complete peace of mind.

The Cable and Adapter kit is compact, lightweight and flexible too, so it's great for motorcycle and scooter riders with limited space.

* 1.5M Steel Loop Cable
* Stainless-Steel Adapter

Note: XX6, XX10 and XX14 sold separately